Dagmar Ehling, MAc, LAc, Dipl OM
3 min readJul 10, 2021

Homeopathy & Put Options: A Winning Stock Market Combination

Do you remember the scary market crashes during 2018 and 2020? Photo by Dagmar Ehling.

It’s probably safe to say that everyone remembers what happened during those terrifying days in February of 2020 when the CDC announced that we were heading toward pandemic status and how the stock market suddenly crashed as a result of this news. Having studied the stock market since 2004, it was quite probable from technical analysis charts that the next move in the market was DOWN. And not just down a little bit, but down by a lot. It was alarming to think about the potential damage to the economy and to people’s lives that this virus could cause. It reminded me what I learned while managing the market crash in November of 2018 using options and making money during the downturn.

I knew I could protect our investment portfolio with put options. However, to keep a cool head — not always an easy task — I still had to manage my anxiety because I wanted to execute this trade well. This is where my knowledge of homeopathy came in handy. I took a homeopathic remedy used for fear and immobilizing anxiety. So, in late February, I bought many put options to insure against our portfolio’s downturn. Given that the market didn’t bottom until almost four weeks later I ended up taking a lot of the remedy! But it worked. I executed the trade well, took the profits and when the market was ready to go back up, we invested in more stocks using the proceeds.

Growing up in Germany I couldn’t fathom why anyone would invest in the stock market of all places. It just wasn’t done by the average German person. Once I moved here, I quickly learned that Americans save for retirement by investing in the market — truly a foreign concept. In the late nineties I had an advisor who bought me into some front-load mutual funds (that means a fee is charged by the fund when you purchase it) which tanked in the 2000 crash. After that I made a commitment to myself to become market savvy.

I read many books on stocks and money management and in 2004, I found a great teacher who taught me the ins and outs of investing and trading. I learned about put options which are financial instruments that make money when the market goes down. When the market crashed in 2008, I didn’t take advantage of my newly acquired knowledge because I was still a newbie with limited experience in how to manage such a significant downturn. Since then, however, years of practice have taught me effective strategies to protect our portfolio.

After some initial classes in homeopathy during my Chinese medicine training in 1988 I resumed my homeopathy studies in 2014 with Joette Calabrese who teaches Banerji-style homeopathy. Homeopathy uses ultra-diluted substances in pellets that dissolve under your tongue. The one remedy I used to manage my stock market anxiety was Ignatia amara, but the choice from many different remedies needs to be matched to your specific situation. I am continuing to refine my healing skills and homeopathy has helped my patients for many issues, but in the area of investing and trading it has been an invaluable tool for me.

There are several remedies for the emotional stresses that lack of abundance can cause. If you would like to learn more my husband Larry Burk, holistic radiologist/EFT coach, and I will be leading a Saturday, 8/6/2022, live interactive Zoom workshop on Abundant Health & Wealth: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Success which will include EFT tapping on health and wealth, and homeopathy & nutrition for abundance and financial skills.

Dagmar Ehling, MAc, LAc, Dipl OM

Licensed acupuncturist, functional medicine practitioner since 1989; partner of Meridian Health Solutions, LLC; author of The Chinese Herbalist’s Handbook.